AMOtivational Monday: Key Lessons

I had some key lessons reinforced last week: -Pay attention to details – little things can add up. -You’re not going to change people – you can teach, you can demonstrate, you can even implore. Ultimately you have to lead. And that’s all you can control. v-Communication is critical – so many misunderstandings would never […]

Ya’ Gotta Ask!

Last week, my Tocayo – same-name – Alex Williams was talking about a course he once took at the University of Arizona. It was a sales and marketing class and students could look great, speak great, have a great pitch….and STILL fail….IF they neglected to do one key thing. Ask for the sale. At the […]

Notre Dame in the Spring

AMOtivational Monday: Going Home

Two weekends ago, I had the distinct honor of keynoting a presentation for Spring Visitation Weekend at the University of Notre Dame. Spring Viz, as it’s better known, is a weekend where ND invites students from around the country to campus and affords the students an opportunity to see what it’s like to be a Domer. […]

AMOtivational Monday: Hey, Help Yourself

It’s a battle I constantly have with myself. How much should you try to do yourself and how much should you leave up to God or fate? Country music and television legend Minnie Pearl once said, “God can do anything. But he expects you to pull your fair share of the weight too.” My Mama, […]

AMOtivational Monday: God’s Crooked Lines

Last Tuesday was interesting. I ordered an Uber to get to a meeting, but the driver couldn’t figure out quite where I was. After several minutes of walking up and down the sidewalk, trying to lead him to my location, he gave up and drove away. I was still charged $5 on my online account, […]