AMOtivational Monday: A Year Wiser

I love that this week’s AMOtivational Monday falls on the day I’m a year older. I firmly believe you learn something new every day – about yourself or the world around you – and that certainly holds true over a full year. Sometimes lessons even come months or years AFTER the fact. Within this past […]

AMOtivational Monday: Key Lessons

I had some key lessons reinforced last week: -Pay attention to details – little things can add up. -You’re not going to change people – you can teach, you can demonstrate, you can even implore. Ultimately you have to lead. And that’s all you can control. v-Communication is critical – so many misunderstandings would never […]

Ya’ Gotta Ask!

Last week, my Tocayo – same-name – Alex Williams was talking about a course he once took at the University of Arizona. It was a sales and marketing class and students could look great, speak great, have a great pitch….and STILL fail….IF they neglected to do one key thing. Ask for the sale. At the […]