AMOtivational Monday: Hey, Help Yourself

It’s a battle I constantly have with myself. How much should you try to do yourself and how much should you leave up to God or fate? Country music and television legend Minnie Pearl once said, “God can do anything. But he expects you to pull your fair share of the weight too.” My Mama, […]

Father Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C.

AMOtivational Monday: Party On, Ted

Last week our world – not just Notre Dame Nation – lost a truly remarkable humanitarian, educator, spiritual leader, and icon in Father Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. I could write a million blogs about Father Ted, as he preferred to be called. And of course, there have been millions of missives written about him both […]

AMOtivational Monday: COM PASSION

In life, you really only need two things. And they both derive from the word COMPASSION. PASSION itself fires you up. Gets you excited, about school, your career, your life. Passion motivates and determines your life. You can accomplish anything, and overcome any adversity, if you are passionate about life. And if you’re not? You […]