AMOtivational Monday: Family Matters

I realized two things last week: 1. I’m not good at forgiving my own mistakes. 2. Every family fights. Regarding the first point, I’m not good at getting over something bad, especially if I’m at fault. I missed a concert because I did not handle my schedule well. I let work overtake me. It was […]

AMOtivational Monday: Leaving A Legacy

I am a sucker for induction speeches. This weekend I watched several, as both the San Diego Padres and NFL hosted their Hall of Fame ceremonies. They were stirring. They were mesmerizing. They were emotional. And you didn’t need to be a sports fan to appreciate the messages delivered by Padres infielders Benito Santiago and […]

AMOtivational Monday: Seasons

Do you feel great about life right now? Or do you feel discouraged? Either way, guess what? It’s temporary. That’s not to say that you can’t always feel positive or thankful about life. Or that challenges won’t always be there. But one thing I’ve truly realized this summer is the concept of Seasons. We are […]

AMOtivational Monday: I Get Hurt Too

It’s inevitable. We’re going to get knocked down. We’re going to get our hearts broken. We’re going to feel hurt. But don’t ever confuse that with failure. Failure is not trying. Learn what you must. Shed a tear. Trust in your friends. And then get right back up. And always Keep Swinging.