AMOtivational Mondays: Love is All You Need

Maybe ‘cause it’s Christmas. Or maybe it’s the Beatles Pandora my buddy Joslin was playing during our road trip to L.A. last weekend. But, whatever the reason, this phrase – also a Scripture and song lyric – keeps coming to mind: the answer is love. All You Need is Love. Right? So if that’s the […]

AMOtivational Mondays: Thank You For This Moment

Two Sundays ago I was extremely blessed to be one of the recipients of the KPBS Community Heroes Awards. One of the recipients, in his acceptance speech, said, “Thank you, KPBS and Union Bank, for giving me this moment.” Such earnest words from a man who clearly appreciated receiving his award and sharing the night […]

AMOtivational Mondays: We Are Family

I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately. Possibly because last week my nephew Cory (November 12) and his father Luís (November 16) both had birthdays. Really I think about family every day, as I’m sure you do too. Whether it’s my daily calls with Frankie, or my Sunday conversations with my mother in Medellín, […]