AMOtivational Monday: I Get Hurt Too

It’s inevitable. We’re going to get knocked down. We’re going to get our hearts broken. We’re going to feel hurt. But don’t ever confuse that with failure. Failure is not trying. Learn what you must. Shed a tear. Trust in your friends. And then get right back up. And always Keep Swinging.

AMOtivational Monday: A Year Wiser

I love that this week’s AMOtivational Monday falls on the day I’m a year older. I firmly believe you learn something new every day – about yourself or the world around you – and that certainly holds true over a full year. Sometimes lessons even come months or years AFTER the fact. Within this past […]

AMOtivational Monday: Key Lessons

I had some key lessons reinforced last week: -Pay attention to details – little things can add up. -You’re not going to change people – you can teach, you can demonstrate, you can even implore. Ultimately you have to lead. And that’s all you can control. v-Communication is critical – so many misunderstandings would never […]