AMOtivational Monday: COM PASSION

In life, you really only need two things. And they both derive from the word COMPASSION. PASSION itself fires you up. Gets you excited, about school, your career, your life. Passion motivates and determines your life. You can accomplish anything, and overcome any adversity, if you are passionate about life. And if you’re not? You […]

Photo by Dean Franklin - 06.04.03 Mount Rushmore Monument

AMOtivational Monday: The Mount Rushmore of Principles

Today is President’s Day, which means you’ll see shots of Mount Rushmore throughout the day. My buddies with whom I regularly take lunch – “The Lunch Bunch” – occasionally have a debate we call The Rushmore Debate. As in, who’s on YOUR Mount Rushmore of….greatest ballplayers…music….actors/actresses? You dig? Essentially, the four greatest or most important […]

Walking a tightrope

AMOtivational Mondays: Walking the Tightrope

Last week the leader of a local nonprofit the Padres support gave an interesting analogy. He said that telling a youngster “don’t do drugs!” or “don’t join a gang!” is counterproductive. He compared it to telling someone on a tightrope, “don’t look down!” His explanation was that instead of telling someone what to avoid, the […]

AMOtivational Mondays: You’re Not That Good

Recently I heard some tough feedback. A fellow public speaker said my presentations weren’t very good. Now, don’t go hating him. He’s been doing it longer than me, is ultra-successful, and was not being mean or vicious. Truly his tone was that of constructive feedback, followed up by reasons for his opinion AND ideas on […]