Alex Montoya Foundation

Non-profit organization to raise awareness of issues related to disabilities and immigration




Who We Are

The Alex Montoya Foundation is a 501 c(3) not for profit organization.
Our Mission is to provide motivational, educational, and inspiring presentations and support to immigrants, people with disabilities, and those who support them with equity and justice.

What We Do

Provide lessons in overcoming adversity
Publicize disability awareness and promote equity for disabled persons
Promote physical and mental wellness to communities in need

How To Help

Donate to support the work of the foundation.
Be a part of the change that Alex inspires. Bring him to your corporation to talk about diversity inclusion and awareness. Donate so that Alex can share his story with students and those in the non-profit world.

"Congratulations on the launch of the Alex Montoya Foundation.

I am sure that it will be the source of much good."

- Fr. "Monk" Malloy, President Emeritus of the University of Notre Dame